Supervision provides the space for you to unpack workplace issues, gain insights and develop new strategies for how you might deal with similar situations in the future.

The types of issues supervisees commonly work on are:

  • Managing a challenging dynamic with a service user
  • Managing a stressful relationship with a team member
  • Strategies for working with unmotivated clients
  • Preventing burnout
  • Reflecting on ‘choice points’ in an escalated situation with a service user
  • Stepping up from colleague to team leader
  • Raising difficult topics with colleagues, staff or a service user
  • Finding resilience when faced with workplace changes or restructure
  • Supporting service users or staff with mental health issues
  • Improving time-management and self-organisation
  • Practical help with a looming deadline, such as writing a workshop or presentation
  • Celebrating something you have managed well.

Why Work With Me

I bring a range of experience to the supervision relationship including a background in nursing, acting, performing and training. I’ve been a supervisor for over 20 years.

  • My background in addiction services and mental health nursing informs the support I offer supervisees, particularly if they work in these sectors.
  • My ‘previous life’ as an actor and performer has given me an awareness of body movement, which is useful for situations such as coaching and presenting.
  • The training topics I have developed, and in which I have significant knowledge, are in areas that supervisees are interested in exploring.

I have developed and delivered training on:

  • Giving feedback in a way that is palatable for the receiver
  • De-escalating medium to high-risk situations
  • Preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Creating a non-threatening environment when working with people who have experienced trauma
  • Team leadership, how to create a positive team culture, manage team dynamics and facilitate difficult conversations
  • Structuring supervision sessions with your direct reports
  • Structuring a mediation session between warring team members.

Organisations that have used my supervision services include Auckland District Health Board, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, Kāpo Māori, Nursing Council of New Zealand, HIPPY New Zealand, Auckland City Mission, Emerge Aotearoa, Mind and Body, Ember, Walsh Trust, Family Action, Victim Support, Idea Services and Lifewise.

Overall, I would describe my approach as practical and creative. I enjoy nothing more than assisting supervisees to develop strategies and take their next step.

I believe that the things which will assist you the most will be:

  1. Finding a supervisor who has experience in the areas that you want to develop
  2. Finding a supervisor with whom you have a positive connection.

If you sense that you would like to work with me, I recommend you give me a call and/or book three sessions. After these initial sessions, you will be in a better position to decide if I’m the right fit for your supervision needs.

Email [email protected] or text +64 27 435 4699 to book a 15-minute phone consultation.

I have found supervision a great help with my transition from work-mate to team leader. Vanesa showed the way on improvements we could make to the work flow, how to get everyone’s input and ways of motivating team members with a reward system. The result is improved morale and productivity in our company.

Nigel Hitch, Operations Manager, ChemFreight

Supervision with Vanesa has helped me step into a new leadership role, facilitating workshops for young people. I have learned how to work effectively and creatively to include all participants, and how to get team members on-board, too.

Caitlin Bush, Waitakere Youth Transition Services

Supervision with Vanesa has given me ways of seeing myself differently in the world. I have realised that I can adopt new roles, which allow me to manage staff with greater honesty and straight-forwardness. Vanesa has guided me towards solutions with great sensitivity. She has always given me ways of dealing with people and situations, and helped me formulate action plans that work.

Zoe Decenza, English Language School

During my move from team member to team leader, Vanesa’s input was invaluable. Firstly, she helped me ground myself in the role as leader, then gently make that shift with the other staff members while effectively maintaining easy, open relationships with clear boundaries. During times of stress and high demand, Vanesa worked in such a way that enabled me to approach my work in an effective, systematic way, which resulted in high output and decreased stress.

Veronica Marwitz, BodySafe Manager

Supervision reminds me that I have my own voice. It is especially useful for maintaining healthy boundaries, as you are able to discuss a situation with an outside person who can provide a different perspective. Since attending supervision, I have managed to build a useful tool kit and can approach situations confidently.

Jane Tariau, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on whether your organisation has a supervision contract.

Approximately 40% of the supervisees I see have a supervision contract, which their organisation provides. Supervision contracts vary between organisations. However, they commonly require that I provide a supervision report at regular intervals. This helps the organisation to see that the supervisee is attending the sessions, and using the supervision time to reflect on their practice and focus on their personal and professional development.

Therapy focuses on a client’s personal life and any negative patterns they may want to change or learn more about. Such patterns usually form at a young age and are rooted in the original family system.

Supervision focuses on exploring work situations and encounters. Among other things, it invariably involves reflection on what the supervisee did well and what they could do differently in the future.


Sessions cost $115 hour, plus GST


7:30 am to 7:00 pm
Monday – Friday


I am based in Avondale on the banks on the banks of the Whau River in Auckland.

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